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I guide evolving trailblazers to liberate their essence & freely speak their authentic truth without self doubt, overthinking or people pleasing

hi, my name is substance 

i'm a freestylist & essence liberator

a 90 day 1:1 program designed for evolving trailblazers, to reclaim their power & embody their soul’s purpose through liberated expression

signature program

freestyle your way to freedom

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On My Deep Why
Behind Supporting Your Breakthroughs

- patterns of avoidance, withholding, people pleasing, fawning
- feeling underexpressed / suppressed
- feeling emotionally tangled up, to where you couldn’t clearly share what’s present if you wanted to
- fear of harsh reactions
- fear of abandonment / not being loved
- wanting to be validated
- putting your worth, your sense of importance, sense of meaning in whether another person understood, cared, resonated or received you

- restoring trust in yourself
- forgiving yourself
- honoring yourself
- clearly understanding your needs & desires
- restoring self worth
- knowing you’re worthy of being treated with respect
- knowing your boundaries & feelings matter
- having a strong relationship with your inner consent - your fck yes / fck no - & following that clarity
- saying no when you mean no 
- standing up for yourself
- being able to boldly communicate your needs & desires to anyone
- boundaries af
- fearlessly expressing what’s on your heart
- not being attached to if anyone hears or receives what you share - especially the ones you most desire to be received by

in our journey we go from:

& rebirth into:

our time together
will Include:

- 4 Phase Freedom Roadmap

- 9 1:1 Coaching Calls

- Private Voxer 24/7 support

- Additional Resources as Inspired/Guided

- Timeline shifting BONUS Sessions with Guest Alchemists

freestyle your way to freedom

you're the perfect fit to apply if

✔ you're done people pleasing, overgiving
✔ you're done with toxic relationships
✔ you want to restore trust in yourself
✔ you want to reclaim your worth

✔ you're so ready to liberate your authentic expression + voice
✔ you're so ready to serve & contribute your unique gifts to the world
✔ you're so ready make bold moves to create your f*ck yes life
✔ you want to have fun, while evolving into all you came here to be!

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wider contribution

phase 4

outer alignment

phase 3

inner alignment

phase 2

phase 1

get free

what you'll learn 

unleash what’s real for you in safe space so you can be witnessed & revealed unlike ever before

uplevel your confidence by activating your inner boss

have fun while growing/learning by activating your inner child

gain the freedom to speak your heart+mind with ease

activate inner compass so you can navigate life & relationships with undeniable clarity 

reconnect with your authentic truth & inner wisdom

restore self worth, self trust, self confidence

recalibrate one-sided/toxic relationships (boundaries af)

practice bold communication & decisions

unleash your power by being real af with everyone in your life, with love/from the heart

empower others through your lived experience

share your voice & message to contribute to wellness & wholeness in the world around you

embody your soul's purpose & share your unique gifts

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get lit with me

- Audrey capilla
Mama, Culture Cultivator

- jon lafferty
artist, therapist, media producer

‘Substance is a perspective shifter that reminds you of your highest potential. Anyone who works with her will have a nourishing experience!' 

'When you sit & open & unfold with Substance, you will walk away with, not just the feeling of wholeness & feeling complete, but also true understanding & self compassion. The kind of self compassion that we talk about & we all want to give ourselves, but maybe don’t always know how to.'

- Anna ruth hall
sacred sexuality & embodiment guide

'I felt that the way Substance facilitated freestyling really drew this heart fire out of each of us. Had me asking myself : What do i actually want to say? What actually wants to come through?'

'Substance had a way of creating a space that felt so deeply safe, yet also walking us to our edge.'

- hope riley
model & upcycled creator

‘Substance’s insight & experience of dropping in with complete raw, authentic energy will leave you feeling ready to call that embodiment in for yourself.’

- petra hui
life & love coach

‘when freestyling, i felt like i accessed a deeper part of myself. it felt raw, edgy, very alive, very present & fulfilling. i felt fully expressed in that moment thank you for activating that medicine code within me’

‘Substance creates a safe, clear space for someone’s deepest essence to unfold. Her grounded presence, deep care & love supports me & many others in our natural blossoming.'

- ginger en mariz
writer & artist

‘Exploring spoken word with the beautiful Substance was soul opening, empowering, activating & liberating'

reviews from clients

a 3 Part Guided Meditation Series from Substance : Remember Who You A.R.E.

Bonus Three

Free Human Design or
Gene Keys Reading with Guest Alchemist

Bonus Two

Free Soul Crystal Astrology Reading with Guest Alchemist

Bonus One


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